Pricing, Classes and Class Descriptions



  • Drop in fee: $17
  • New student first class is FREE!
  • Student Rate (show updated ID)  5 classes for $25, 10 classes for $50
  • Regular Class Packages: Buy 5 class package for $75, Buy 10 class package for $125, Monthly Membership: $90
  • Private Yoga Sessions with Ryanne: 1 hour $100
  • Group Private Yoga Sessions with Ryanne: $60 per person (2-5people)
  • TRX with Elisabeth: 1 class for a 4 week session is $50. Must pre register with Elisabeth at: 312-371-2270 or

Class Descriptions:

  • Basic/ Restorative/Yin
    Great class to come to if your are new to yoga. This class is focused on stretching and breath work while in a seated or lying down position. Easeful streches while holding each pose for a small amount of time.  After a long week of work or workouts this class is great to recharge, relax, and rejuvenate in.

  • Yoga Foundation This is a non flow class that focuses on the building blocks of a safe and sound practice. Class focuses on developing core strength and total body strenthening while focusing on focal point (dristi), breath work (Pranayama), and meditation (dhyana). All levels class.

  • Yoga For Athletes ( You DO NOT have to be an athlete to take this class)
    Don't be shy of this class by it's title. It's for EVERYONE and ALL LEVELS. This class is great for anyone NEW to yoga or has practiced yoga for years and for all levels of athletes. If you are training for any race or sport this is the class you want to be in. In this class we get to the point with stretching by focusing on all the muscle groups each sport and athlete needs stretched. Class is led into deep athletic streching incorporating mobility work. All poses are held for either a few moments or up to a minute or longer using yoga blocks and straps for assistance.

  • Beginner / Slow Flow
    In this class we break down the basic of flow yoga. You will learn Sun Salutions, standing poses, forward folds, basic backbend, and seated twists all linked up to a slow flow.

  • Moderate / Intermediate Vinyasa Flow
    We take our practice more in-depth from the Beginner class. Class flow will step up in tempo, link up more postures, add challanging postures, and take your practice to the next level with strength and flexibility. In this class it is recommeded that you had taken the beginner class for awhile to understand the terminology and flow of class.

  • Intermediate Flow Vinyasa Flow
    This class is the same as the Intermediate class except we add deeper understanding to inversions and arm balances.

  • Yoga TRX Fusion
    Elevate your yoga practice and strength training routine with this powerhouse combination workout. We'll flow through yoga poses assisted by the TRX suspenson trainer and focus on building core and overall strength during the 60 minute session.

Monday  *(No pre registration needed for yoga classes)                           Fill out waivers upon arrival


  • 8:30 am Beginner Yoga - Ryanne
  • 6:30Pm Intermediate Vinyasa Flow -Elisabeth


  • 8:00 am Yoga Foundations - Elisabeth
  • 6:00pm Veterans Yoga (Veterans ONLY. Must Show ID) - Ryanne


  • 8:30am  Vinyasa Flow - Ryanne
  • 6:00 pm Yoga For Athletes - Ryanne


  • 8:00 am TRX - Elisabeth (pre registration required)
  • 6:00 pm Moderate Vinyasa Flow/Yoga For Athletes - Ryanne


  • 8:30 am Vinyasa Flow - Ryanne
  • 4:00 pm Beginner Yoga (Happy Hour Yoga) - Elisabeth


  • 9:00 am All Levels Vinyasa Flow (rotating teachers)


  • 9:00am Slow Flow/Yin - Valerie