Yoga for Athletes

Mobility - Recovery - Injury Prevention

Yoga for Athletes is a unique class for all athletes, fitness enthusiasts or those new to yoga wanting a great stretch. The dinamic of this class is to get to the point of stretching to increase recovery quickly, taget areas athletes need greater mobility in and to work on flexibilty to decrease future injuries. If it's only one or all of these options that you are looking for everyone will benefit from this class.

The poses used in this class target specific muscles to get the greater benefit of each stretch. While in the pose you may hold that for only a few seconds or up to a minute or longer. Some poses require movement to help with increased mobility and flexibility. We never shy away from using yoga props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps to assist each person for the full experince of each pose. We recently added new yoga props for a greater recovery and mobility experience. Come check us out!!