Holidays & Stress

The holiday season starts next week!

How time passes by so quickly. 

  • During this time of year over the holiday season how are you usually each year? 

Stressed, anxious, depressed, over doing, over spending, planning, backing, cooking, shopping, cleaning, wrapping, parties, and events? 

  • Are your stress levels more elevated than normal or do you stay in a low to no stress state overall? 
  • Do you think you could float through this season with no stress or anxiety? 

Our society unfortunately has conditioned us to be in a state of high stress during these times. 

Black Friday and cyber Monday are the start of the holiday frenzy. Encouraging chaotic shopping experiences with store’s opening up on Thanksgiving or during the middle of the night. All just for the shoppers to spend more money and have to hurry for those cheaper priced gifts. 

The busyness continues into December with more gift shopping, holiday cookie baking, present wrapping and holiday parties all month long. Even down to the last minute shopping. 

Let’s start today. Actually let’s start right now. To visually see ourselves not living in a high stress state of being. Seeing ourselves calm, happy, joyful, and loving. Your nervous system craves this type of lifestyle and in turn you become radiant and more at ease. 

Try this simple exercise of visualization and breath work. Once a day for the next week. Especially on Thanksgiving day. 

Take notice how you begin to feel. 

  • Take this moment right now. Seated or lying down. 
  • Close your eyes. 
  • Visually scan your body and relax all the areas you are holding onto in your body. 
  • Take a few deep cleansing breaths. 


Breath Work Technique:

– Inhale for a count of 4

– Hold the breath for a count of 4

– Exhale the breath for a count of 4

– Hold the breath for a count of 4

– Repeat

– Do 3 rounds. In time gradually increase the rounds.

  • Now allow your breath to flow naturally.
  • Next visualize in your head a movie screen and you are about to watch a movie.
  • On this movie screen in your head you are now seeing yourself living in a state of:

calm, peace, happiness, love, joy, and in slow pace state of being through the holidays. 

  • Not rushing. Just feeling grounded. Seeing clearly. Feeling relaxed and refreshed. 


Notice how the people around you sense the change from you. Now go radiate all your love and positivity to our world and 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Much love ❤️ 

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