Yoga & Meditation a Mental Health Pandemic

Woman sitting on a deck outside meditating

As we ease our way out of this blurry two year pandemic we have come to an awakening of the seriousness and magnitude of Mental Health in our society. What is now called our mental health pandemic. A serious one to say the least. As our surrounding support systems, influencers and communities role models continue to openly talk about mental health it has opened many doors for all of us to not feel ashamed anymore. Allowing us to know that it is ok for having unrecognizable thoughts or feelings we may have from time to time or quite often. Mental Health is something all of us have experienced in our lifetime so no one is alone in this conversation. Now more than ever is the time to take our mental health seriously. To take conscious decisions on reaching out for educated professional help so one can be properly diagnosed. Do the research needed for what is right for you at this time to help you heal, grow and live your best life.


There are also alternative therapies such as yoga and meditation that can be a great solution for many in elevating your mind, body and spirits. Simply walking into a class with like minded individuals and engaging in light hearted conversations with laughter will be a great start to a happier mood that you can carry with you the rest of your day. Yoga and meditation have many positive health benefits mentally and physically to add to your regular daily routine for a healthier lifestyle.


Yoga has many health benefits for overall health. One of the main reasons many people seek out yoga is to increase flexibility and reduce stress. According to the National Institute of Health shows scientific evidence that yoga supports mental health, stress management, mindfulness and better quality of life choices. Allowing you to be more energized mentally and physically, fewer negative feelings and a boost of alertness and enthusiasm.


Meditation benefits our whole being and can be life changing. Meditation can give you a sense of balance, calm and peace in your daily life. Gaining a sense of clarity for making clear decisions in daily life. Being aware of the present moment and staying mindful throughout your daily tasks. Meditation reduces high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain, tension headaches, sleep problems, depression and anxiety. With the many ways to meditate no way is a wrong way. 

Through yoga and meditation you can gain an elevated and happier mental health lifestyle. There are many different styles of yoga and mediations offered through out your community. Reach out to friends and family to join you on your journey to finding the perfect style
for you!

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